Tell us a bit about yourself:

Love all my sports, especially football or soccer as you guys would call it. Will either be watching it, playing it or reading about it. Being English, I love to get out to the beach as much as possible, A good day off would go something like; gym, beach, dinner and drinks. 


How long have you worked at The Golden Sheaf?

Around 3 1/2 years in all. Started out in December 2015 as a Casual Duty Manager, worked my way up and recently spent last summer at the amazing Barangaroo House before returning to The Golden Sheaf in March this year.  



How did you get into hospo? 


Was initially a side gig to help me through my studies and pretty much fell in love with it ever since. I love the flexible lifestyle it affords me, constant interactions with amazing people and no two days are ever the same.


What’s your favourite drink to make? 

A Tommy's Margarita, mainly because it is my favourite cocktail to drink too. Hard to beat a good Tommy's.



Your favourite dish on the menu? 


I would have to say the Pan-fried Salmon. It's very healthy, nutritious and delicious. What more do you want from a dish?


Favourite night for entertainment?

Saturday nights have to be my favourite. They're often the most challenging but anything is possible on a Saturday night at The Golden Sheaf. It would be up there with one of the best ways to spend a Saturday night in all of Sydney, Sheaf Saturdays are pretty infamous with people coming far and wide to party with us. 


Favourite event at The Golden Sheaf?

I have a new one… City2Surf2Sheaf was an amazing day and one of the best parties I have seen at the venue. Already excited for next year when I am sure we will make it bigger and better than this year which will be very impressive.


What you’re known for?

All things beverage related, from all the ordering to stocktake to launching the new spring cocktail list, which will be a very light, floral, colourful and easy to drink. It will be very representative of spring and I hope our guests will thoroughly enjoy it. My personal favourite the Honey Bee, give it a try.


Number 1 tip?

My tip would be to check out our Rooftop bar. It's my favourite spot to hang-out off duty particularly in the summer as a lot of our guests sometimes don't even realise we have an upstairs.