Tell us a bit about yourself:

I love being outside and around people, if I am not at work I am either hanging with my two favourite pups or hanging out with my friends. 



How long have you worked at The Golden Sheaf?

10 months.



How did you get into hospo? 


I just couldn’t say no when they came knocking, and I love being around people so thought it was a good fit. 


What’s your favourite drink to make? 

Amaretto Sour.



Your favourite dish on the menu? 



The Pan-fried Salmon.



Favourite night for entertainment?


I love a Saturday night at The Golden Sheaf. The mix of our live bands and then into our DJ's truly makes for a great night out and one where you will always catch me dancing and singing along in the bar. 


Favourite event at The Golden Sheaf?

Every event at The Golden Sheaf is its own and I don’t think I have just one favourite as they all bring with them something so different. 


What you’re known for?



Number 1 tip?

Always remember to smile and to expect the unexpected.