Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m a social person that loves spending time with family and friends. A work-life balance is important to me and something I try to instill in my team. I try to keep as active as possible and enjoy the odd adventure to keep the juices following. My partner and dog often find themselves coming along for the journey too.


How long have you worked at The Golden Sheaf?

Since early 2019



How did you get into hospo? 


Initially it was a way to fund myself through university and then I just fell in love with it.


What’s your favourite drink to make? 



Your favourite dish on the menu? 


Yamba Prawn Fried Rice, I like it spicy.


Favourite night for entertainment?

Mine would be the party DJ’s for Shwednesdays. I’m often caught having a cheeky shoulder shuffle on the side.


Favourite event at The Golden Sheaf?

Dating with Dogs, any excuse for some off-leash chaos.


What you’re known for?

My shirt collection.


Number 1 tip?

Rooftop, it’s a hidden oasis.