Brand new to The Golden Sheaf, our Four Legged menu has been specially created for our furry friends by our Head Chef Sam.


While you sip on cocktails and enjoy your meal under The Tree in our Beer Garden, give your pup some love and spoil them with a delicious and healthy dog friendly treat!


Own a pooch with an appetite fit for a Great Dane? Why not give our 3 course Doggostation a go?


Made with real and fresh ingredients and no nasties in sight, our Four Legged menu is vet approved, thanks to our friends at Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic.



BFF (Best Fur Friend) Bikkies | 2

Bacon, chicken liver, gf flour, polenta, chicken broth, ketchup, egg white

Golden Pupcakes | 4

Banana, smooth peanut butter, vegetable oil, carrot, gf flour, unsweetened soy milk, quinoa flakes, cream cheese


Frozen Peanut Butter Pub-sicles | 4

Natural yogurt, smooth peanut butter

Pooch Poké Bowl | 8

Raw beef mince, pumpkin puree, raw kale, carrot, BFF Bikkies, brown rice, red kidney beans





BFF Bikkies – Pooch Poké - Pug-sicle