Tell us a bit about yourself:



Studied a Bachelor of Nursing a long time ago, and decided that Hospo was my life. Play volleyball every week and spend a lot of time with family and friends.


How long have you worked at The Golden Sheaf?


Coming up to 4 years


How did you get into hospo?


Went travelling after finishing my degree and fell into it while in England. Loved it and continued when I got home.



What’s your favourite drink to make?


Love a good Caiprinha


Your favourite dish on the menu?

Schnitty man through and through.


Favourite night for entertainment?

Love that The Golden Sheaf mixes it up between the cheesy commercial DJ’s on a Wednesday, and still manages to have banging bands play every week to the crowds on a Saturday! Can’t beat a good night of entertainment!


Favourite event at The Golden Sheaf?


Sheaf Wednesdays are my vibe. Good cheesy party vibe, with the big parties throughout the year where we go all out and theme up the venue.


What you're known for?

Sheaf Wednesdays. Couldn’t do it without the team, but I like to think I have thrown some monster parties over the years!


Number 1 tip?


Saying you had 2 drinks to the bouncers on the door is generally a lie!