Tell us a bit about yourself:



I am a music-loving, sandal-wearing, burger-eating bloke who will always stop to give a cuddle to your dog. You will usually find me in venue in the Beer Garden talking footy.


How long have you worked at The Golden Sheaf?


Just over a year now!


How did you get into hospo?


Started in hospo from 16-years-old with my first job in a kitchen on the Central Coast. Since then i've always worked in hospo throughout various different mediums, finding myself at the Opera House for 6 years before landing in Double Bay in 2018.



What’s your favourite drink to make?


I would rather be drinking it… but it would definitely be the Margarita. Simple, tasty and oh so refreshing. Don’t hate me though, it will be served on the rocks instead of straight-up – trust me on this.


Your favourite dish on the menu?

Can’t turn down the Chicken Burger, add the lot for the ultimate Scoobie Doo experience.


Favourite night for entertainment?

Saturdays for sure - there is something for everyone!


Favourite event at The Golden Sheaf?


Melbourne Cup! Whether you’re in it for the races, the entertainment, the food, the fun - we have it all!


What you're known for?

Have an all-round passion for everything. I get to work with all the things I enjoy. Food, drink, entertainment. Find me hosting your next event with us!


Number 1 tip?


Never squat with spurs on.